Thank you for visiting Sean and Mary. The Photos are blurry, videos fuzzy, the memories precious"

Welcome to Our Wedding

Rehearsal Dinner at the "Barn" in Monument, Colorado


Video -- The Barn


Video -- The Dinner

 The Wedding


Video -- Wedding Party Entrance

Video -- Father and brothers sing

Video --Wedding Party Exit


The Bride and Her Family

Mary's Family

Mary's mother, grandmother and stepfather.

Mary Mom and Grandma

Mary with Sean and brothers Steven and Nate

Mary with her stepfather - Bennett

Mary and Bennett

Mary with her mother - Linda

Mary and Linda

Mary with her father - Jeff

Mary and her father Jeff

Mary's father Jeff and two brothers sing "You are the Love of My Life"

Steven, Bennett, Mary, Linda and Nate

Mary and her family

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The Groom and His Family

Dave (stepfather), Shari, Mary, Sean, Stephanie, Stacy, Casey


Sean's Family

Sean, his grandmother Edith and Steve, Sean's father

Sean Edith and Steve

Sean and his proud mother - Shari

Sean and sister Valerie - Sean and Steve

Sean, Valeria and Steve

Dave, Sean and Shari - Shari, Sean, Carol

Dave, Sean, Shari - Shari, Sean Carol

Sean, Mary and Sean's sisters: Valerie, Stephanie and Stacy

Sean, Mary and Sean's sisters

Sean with niece and nephews: Ethan, Paige, Braydon and Roman

Sean and nephews/nieces

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Sean and his mother Shari

Casey, Roman, Mary and Nate

Casey and Roman

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Wedding Party Entering the Reception


Groom and Garter

Following Day Present Opening

See Videos Here

Video -- Part One

Video -- Part Two

A view of Pinecrest

Video -- Pinecrest

Video -- Pinecrest Lodge


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